1. brought me back to my young nigga days #hugs

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  2. flexxin #ornah

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  4. 3 days #HardawayAtTheNorVA

  6. i need everyones support .
    need these tickets off me by monday, only $10 to see a dope ass concert .
    repost, reblog, retweet, re-everythang .
    support your independent artist, fall thru .

  7. cop a ticket, fall thru, and enjoy yourself www.hardawayatthenorva.eventbrite.com


  9. a big thank you @heather89w and my @colleyavenuecopies family . catch these round the city

  10. thursday on www.thenewva.com

  11. come get this band off me

  12. tickets $10 . to purchase, click the link in my bio or contact me

  13. July 2nd at 7:00pm | #staytrue interview/editorial with @mskatfritz drops on www.steezprm.com

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  15. @JaeRLA of #SolePack & @EraHardaway present:
    #30Deuce, new single
    production by SpaceAgeTike