1. made some limited quickstrike steezprm tees to sell at the Culture Snack Launch Party this weekend.

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  2. free to the public, fall thru

  3. fall thru . everybody gets in FREE before 10pm . fwm

  5. skywelkin:

    At #locallove until august 31st
    325B w20th st norfolk @pressplae
    Also fearlturing @phat__phil and @creative_culture757 #art #norfolk #localart



  6. "I want to grow away from all the petty little world we exist in. I want to leave it all behind, all the petty little thoughts about unimportant little things, things that’ll be forgotten a hundred years from now anyway. There’s a level somewhere where everything is solid and important. I’m going to try to reach up there and find a place I know is pretty close to perfect, a place where this whole messy world should be, could be, if it’d just take the time to learn."
    — James Dean (via feellng)


    (via thisisangelo)

  7. i am

  8. smile: it just might be your day

  9. life

  10. brought me back to my young nigga days #hugs

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  11. flexxin #ornah

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  13. 3 days #HardawayAtTheNorVA

  15. i need everyones support .
    need these tickets off me by monday, only $10 to see a dope ass concert .
    repost, reblog, retweet, re-everythang .
    support your independent artist, fall thru .